All Donati Conveyor Belt services

Free on-site inspection, bespoke design
and construction,
rapid response, maintenance, and support services: we are always close to you.

Our mission is to help manufacturing companies grow

by providing cutting-edge products and services focusing on business needs.

Customised industrial equipment

Technical survey

Every time we develop a handling solution for a customer, we put all the passion and know-how we have acquired over the years into it. We listen to the needs, look at the business and propose a system that maximizes production efficiency and makes work safe.

We go to the customer’s premises to see the environment in which our conveyor belt will be installed, and together we define all the necessary steps.

Customised industrial handling solutions

3D design

Even before the design becomes an order, we produce a 3D drawing of the equipment to help customers visualize their conveyors and anticipate modifications and adaptations. This stage ensures that the work is designed accurately and efficiently.

Conveyors, idle roller conveyors, chip conveyors, belt curves and handling systems


For us, selling means: listening, service, responsiveness and immediate availability to the customer.

Our company’s excellent pre-design phase allows us to maximize the request and speed up the process. In addition, our in-depth technical know-how drastically reduces the delivery time of the equipment and the corresponding quotation.

We guarantee
to send a quote within 72 hours and have the conveyor belt in production within 30-40 working days.

Many of us are more capable than the others,
but none of us is as capable as all of us together.
Details make the difference
and the difference is not a detail.

Customised industrial handling solutions

Implementation and testing

We design and create:

Customization is routine for us, starting with the type of product to be handled, the weight to be transported, the environment where the conveyor will be used, safety regulations, and any customer requirements.

On-site assembly and testing where required


We offer on-site installation if our conveyor belts cannot be supplied pre-assembled.

One or more of our company’s specialist engineers will complete the  assembly, testing, and any other modifications necessary to complete the delivery at the customer’s premises.

Availability and speed of response: we do not have a call centre

Customer Service

Our premises have automatic vertical warehouses to store all the spare parts needed to guarantee efficient service. In this way, we can guarantee personnel and spare parts dispatch within 24-48 hours throughout the country and Europe.

Handling systems​

Spare parts supply

Drive and adjustment rollers, bearings, motors, gearboxes, threaded inserts, wheels with brakes, anti-vibration feet, electrical panels with inverters, and many other items; our supply is managed by an automatic vertical warehouse with coded management of all spare parts for our machines.

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