Magnetic conveyors

Our magnetic conveyor belts are the ideal solution for situations where you need to separate metal parts from other materials. Various models are available, including the following:

Overbelt Magnetic Conveyor: This conveyor is equipped with a magnetic plate with neodymium or ferrite magnets positioned orthogonally to the main conveyor belt. The magnetic force attracts all ferrous metals.

Conveyor belt with under canvas metal detector: This type of magnetic conveyor belt has a plate concealed under it, allowing it to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals from a minimum size of 1 mm. It is equipped with an electrical panel with an acoustic signal that stops the belt when metal is detected.

Conveyor belt with magnetic pulley: This conveyor belt has a magnetic drive cylinder that detects only ferrous materials during movement. The detection rate is guaranteed to be 99%.

Our magnetic conveyors are manufactured from high-quality materials and incorporate advanced technology to ensure efficiency and reliability in separating metal parts from other materials.

Contact us for more information and to find the ideal solution for separating your materials.

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